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Library Policies

Library expectations:

Library expectations:

  • Enter and exit library calmly and quietly
  • Have a pass to the library if you come during class time
  • Students that are doing classwork/homework receive Chromebooks first
  • Return/renew all materials by due date
  • Use appropriate volume and language
  • Treat equipment, books and materials respectfully
  • If you visit the Library during lunch, you need to stay. You are not allowed to roam the halls.
  • Lost, damaged or late materials must be replaced, paid for, or returned before additional materials can be checked out 
  • No food, or drinks in the library unless approved
Overdue or Lost Materials Policy

Overdue or Lost Materials Policy

When books are late. Please return them as soon as possible. E.V. Cain does not charge late fees. After 30 days materials are considered lost. If you do not return, pay for, or replace lost materials you WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to check out materials in the Library including Chromebooks.
Your options to replace the lost materials and clear your Library account are:
  1. Replace the lost book with a new, or used copy.
  2. Donate one of your books from home that is of similar value.
  3. Turn in money to pay for the lost book. 
Library Chromebook Policy

Library Chromebook Policy

In addition to the School chromebook policy:
  • Chromebooks are always available for classwork / homework.
  • Chromebooks may be used for school appropriate games only.